Making Silence – Why it is as important as learning sounds.

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Our School believes that all good things are made great by sharing. This is the first of a series of blog posts sharing a glimpse of a student and teacher at PVM!

From the moment we are born to most interactions in our lives, we tend to focus on words and sounds for communication. We always identify with “making noise” or “making sounds” but today we will talk about “Making silence

Transitions from one activity to the other can be stressful or chaotic for kids. We like to ease this transition by “making silence” by ensuring there is self created silence and peace after each transition so that kids can knowingly embrace what is to come next.

For example, when kids come back indoors after some energetic play outdoors, everyone switches to indoor shoes, takes their spot on the carpet and sits silently with their eyes gently shut. There is definitely anticipation but not chaos. One by one the children are called upon by the teacher to go pickup their next activity of choice. The more silence they make, the faster they get called to start their next activity!

Have you made silence today? Talk to your child about it!

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