Parent Testimonials

Here are some parent testimonials:

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Prairie View Montessori has been a wonderful environment for my children. Ms. Donna and her staff have a passion and thoroughly enjoy teaching and encouraging the kids to learn, explore and grow. There is a multitude of activities brought to the school such as Jungle Bus, Soccer Shots, Book Mobile, and even Spanish classes. My daughters look forward to going and regularly expresses disappointment when its time to leave. The teachers are keen to your child’s needs and interests and provide encouragement around them. Our family has been a part of Prairie View Montessori for 4 years and could not imagine going anywhere else. – (2017: Russ & Sara Giamo, Geneva)

We’ve tried several day cares and Prairie View Montessori is the BEST! Both my daughter went here. The most important: my daughter runs here in the morning with joy and doesn’t want to leave in the evening. She is having a good time, learning a lot. Teachers are really nice and kind. I highly recommend this school. (2017: Dina Romanova)

Our daughter started at PVM when she was 16 months old. We have seen tremendous growth in the past year. She is learning so much and so quickly. She loves her teachers and get excited whenever we drop her off. The staff is wonderful and really care about the children. (2017)

We started Jay at 15 months; to this day he is always happy to go to school. He loves his teachers and friends that he keeps talking about them at home. I am very happy that Jay has grown so much and feels like his second home. Thank you. (2017)

My son loves Prairie View Montessori school because his teachers are so kind and loving. He can always get the attention and care from the loving teachers – Ms. Alessandra, Ms. Kanak & Ms. Joyce. He also loves his friendly classmates and the spacious outdoor area! (2017)

As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at Prairie View Montessori. I am grateful for the loving care and guidance Selena receives. Selena has learned so much and understand more English. Thanks again to the teachers for an incredible early childhood education and I believe that will continue to do the amazing works of  the “heart” with all the children. (2017)

My son flourishes at PVM. He loves the “challenging work” (as he calls it) that includes numbers and letters, among so much else. The teachers are very caring and wonderful role models. I would recommend this school to anyone – children learn, have fun and even start putting away their toys & dishes at home because it’s part of school! So much to love. (2017: Laura Chen)


We cannot say enough good things about PVM. We had our son in regular daycare and made the switch as soon as we could. What a huge difference! He can count, identify letter and colors before he is 2! We will be with Ms. Donna and the rest of the staff till our kids are in kindergarten! …(2015)”


“We love the different activities that the kids do at school. The one on one interaction with the teacher and staff at PVM are professional and friendly! …(2015)”

“The staff at PVM are wonderful. It is such a warm, caring environment. This is our daughter’s first school, and it has been an easy transition – thanks to the teachers at PVM. We highly recommend it! …(2015)”


“My son has been attending this school since he was 2 years of age and his growth over the past 3 years has been tremendous. As parents, we often focus on academic achievements, but I believe this Montessori school has been terrific for my son’s confidence and sense of self. The teachers are amazing and treat each child as one of their own! …(2013)”

“We love PVM.Everyone is so friendly, caring and professional. Is is so nice to go to work everyday knowing Siena is very well cared for! …(2011)”

“Our daughter used to go to a day care facility for almost 2 years before we enrolled at PVM. Teachers @ PVM worked with us and our daughter so that she gets adjusted to the new environment. Teachers pay attention to minute details to the characteristincs & development of the kids and give timely feedback to parents. Our daughter is making good progress in educational, social and behavioural activities. We are happy that we took the right decision by enrolling our daughter at PVMl…(2011)”

“I can’t say enough about how PVM has changed our lives. My children now love to go to school. They have become more independent, and the emphasis on proactical life skills has made an enormous impact on our day to day lives, raising twin 3-year old boys. Thank you for everything you do PVM…..(2011)”

“Our daughter has been attending PVM for more than 4 years, culminating in her kindergarten graduation this June. She has thrived in this environment. The Montessori foundation is second to none. People are always impressed with her maturity, initelligence and thoughtfullness, which have flourished at Prairie View. We can’t say enough good things about the school…(2011)”
“PVM is the best opportunity to give your children. Teachers dedicationand passion for academic excellence is apparent and the students get a lot of attention along with constant development of independence and concentration…..(2011)”

“My both daughters including the second one who is going now enjoy the school very much. Ms. Donna along with other teachers are very friendly towards the kids and the kids also enjoy their company. The facilities are very clean with all the amenities. Kids learn good skills everyday. We highly recommend PVM for everybody…..(2011)”

“Our daughter started @ 2.5 years. The staff has been very patient with this transition (only child & 1st time @ school!). The teacher/student ration is very low; teachers spend lot of time developing and teaching her (social skills, self-confidence, reading, art….). Our daughter loves her school, her teachers and new friends….(2011)

“I have 2 children (a toddler and a pre-schooler) who attend PVM. PVM is the best educational experience we have found for our children. The teachers truly care about the well being of our children and their future. My husband and I have been extremely impressed with the progress our children are making in everything from preparing snacks, cutting, language and even as simple things like coloring for my 2-year old son. I have talked highly about the school to everyone I know”…. (2010)

“We are extremely pleased with this place. My Son was transferred from another nice daycare facility. I could tell he was a different person in a week. He is more responsible, enjoy his learning activity, and has become more independent. He loves his teacher Ms. Donna and Ms. Joyce. I am glad I found this perfect place for him”…. (2010)

“We found PVM to be an exceptional school for our children. The love and affection by the teachers, the systematic nature of the curriculum and PVM’s attitude of listening to parent feedback has made this joyful learning experience for our children”….(2010)

“Our son Ty experienced great progress both academically and socially. He enjoys going to school every day. The teachers spend quality time with each student”.

“We have been so pleased with the school and the teachers in the classroom. Sanjay has adjusted so well to his new school & had no difficulties transitioning to a new environment. Ms. Priya and Ms. Kanak are so loving and caring and Sanjay has flourished. Ms. Donna is a wonderful director and we feel lucky to have found this wonderful school”.

“It was great to see my daughter’s joy of learning and continue to grow. The teachers @ PVM have given her one on one guidance and supported her throughout her 3 years there. Now, she is ready for first grade. The annual events such as plays for Thanksgiving and winter gave me a sense of family away from home at PVM. The curricula is all encompassing and thorough. Children are able to develop tactile skills, verbal, and math skills.”

“PVM has been a great asset to my daughter and our family. It has given her the opportunity to explore her own learning style, while increasing her knowledge & self-confidence. Donna and the PVM staff has been there for us during some really tough times in 2006 and I can’t thank them enough for their support!”

“After 4 years of the seemingly endless daycare cycle, I have finally found a school that not only my child loves, but I love as well. I have noticed such an improvement with my child’s attitude towards learning. Keep up the good work!”

“We are extremely pleased with the experience our daughter is having @ Prairie View Montessori. We see her becoming more independent, inter-connecting things in her world and showing a real interest in learning new concepts. She likes to go to school everyday and is in a good mood when we pick her up. Donna is a wonderful calming presence in the classroom”

“Our daughter despite her intelligence , was struggling in her kindergarten class. At Prairie View, the small class size and individualized instruction has made a world of difference”
“When my child and I went to visit PVM, we spent time in the classroom and I knew that this was the place for him. My child was very happy to be there and fit right into the class. I felt very confident in Donna’s understanding of children and passion for the children learning at her school creates an inspiring environment for growth and exploration. We feel that PVM will assist meeting our goals by giving him the opportunity to develop his life skills by purposeful activities and relationship building with other children. ”

“Impressive and well-maintained. Wish I should have been a student here ” …. Dr. Subas